Home Equity Line of Credit
Access the equity in your home via a line of credit that you can use as you need funds.

Put your equity to work toward home improvements, debt consolidation or other major purchases with a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Withdraw funds as you need them, and you can choose to pay interest only on that portion of the line you use during the draw period.*

In addition to using a HELOC for debt consolidation and home improvements, you may also use it to purchase a new home. You can use the Purchase HELOC for your primary residence.

Product Features

  • Low variable interest rate
  • Line of credit is a reusable source of funds
  • Interest-only mortgage payments during draw period*
  • Link to checking for overdraft protection
  • Use the Purchase HELOC for your primary residence

Product Benefits

  • Easy access to your credit line with Trust Standard Bank credit card or checks

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