Real people. Real goals. Real smart technology.
Anyone can start investing with FH digital advisor.
Invest with confidence using technology that simplifies the process
Investing shouldn't be intimidating or complex

Chances are you have yet to start an investment portfolio because it's all too overwhelming. Well, move over nerves, make room for Trust Standard Digital Advisor – technology that balances and maintains your portfolio, so you don't have to fool with it. But when you want in-person advice, we're here.

It's like having a genius who never sleeps do the tracking for you

You simply get started by answering a few questions and then FH Digital Advisor uses savvy algorithms to put together an investment strategy matched to your goals and risk tolerance. The sophisticated technology tracks, monitors and automatically adjusts your account around the clock.

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First steps:

  • Sign up is so simple, you can do it in minutes online
  • Answer a few questions about yourself and goals
  • Receive recommended investment strategy
  • Open account, fund it, check in when it's convenient
  • Pay one transparent program free

Account access:

  • Consolidated view of all your accounts
  • Dashboard-view of net worth
  • Online vault securely stores documents
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